The Crew -  Art by  Lissa Spiff

                                     The Crew -  Art by Lissa Spiff

Meet Shanti

         Shanti Charan - Photograph by  Ryan Johnson

        Shanti Charan - Photograph by Ryan Johnson

Hi! My name is Shanti! I'm a standup comedian and I love food. I'm not talking about the type of love for food where you eat out every night and Instagram and artsy food pic. I'm talking about real love, David Bowie and Iman love. A devotion for food that forces me to go to a 2nd grocery store for an ingredient because the 1rst dumb ass store did not have it! 

My informal culinary training consists of studying at the Institute of My Indian Mother's Kitchen. There, I try to absorb her endless knowledge of our culture's flavors and ignore her endless opinions about my career choices.

Cooking with friends and then grubbing down after is my ideal way to hang out because it always consists of some good ole' shit talking and hardy laughs along the way. 

Outside of the kitchen, I'm is a Stand-Up Comedian. Here's my Bio! 

Shanti’s bubbly personality and contagious smile lure in audiences and her comedic abilities keep them laughing. She is a Bay Area favorite and a regular at every local club including both San Francisco and Sacramento Punch Line, Cobb's, Rooster T Feathers and The Improv. She also produces one of the best comedy shows in the East Bay, Oakland Comedy Shop. Shanti has had the opportunity to work with talented comedians such as; Bobby Lee, Sasheer Zamata, Rob Delaney, Nate Bargatze, Dan Cummins, Pablo Francisco and W. Kamau Bell. Charan was awarded SF Weekly’s 2012 Best Stand-Up on the Way Up. SF Weekly says Charan’s writing “is clever and confident beyond her years.” 

Check out when I'll be performing in a town near you at

Meet Arthur

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Meet Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac is a 2 year old, pit-mix rescue. He is a giant sweetheart thats loves the beach and destroying toys! Bernie is also extremely smart and knows a bunch of tricks! Just like the rest of our crew, Bernie loves food and is a great judge of flavor, which is why he is the official test tester of the Mixing Masala kitchen. Don't worry, we are aware of what is safe and unsafe for his breed and feed him accordingly. We would be so lost without his refined palette.